Our Patriots  M-N

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose descendants are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

 Marshall, Isaac  SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Edward Boardman

 Newman, Nimrod   SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Ed Boardman

 Majors, George     SAR Compatriot Thomas Freedland

 Merril, Asher   SAR Compatriot Eugene King

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 Marsteller, Philip, Lt. Col.   Paymaster  Pennsylvania State Militia      1776-1782  SAR Compatriot Gregory Keller

Melvin, William Pvt.    Worcester County, Maryland    1778    SAR Compatriots Eugene D. Melvin, Michael E. Melvin, Christopher J. Williams

 Mahan, John, Lt.  Virginia Continental Line     SAR Compatriots Johnny Alexander, Tyler McClintock

 Milliken, Samuel  Provided supplies to Valley Forge     SAR Compatriot Johnny Alexander

 Moss, Titus Connecticut Line     SAR Compatriot Don Thomas

 Miller, John  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Myers, Henry, Ensign   DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Massia, William   DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Martin, Isaac   SAR Compatriot Jerry Bonnell

 Moore Sr., Jonathan  SAR Compatriot Fred Butcher

 Miller Jr., James   DAR Daughter Janice Gadway Gardner

 Macomber, Abiel, Lt.,   Massachusetts  SAR Compatriot John Glen

 Miles, Thomas   DAR Daughter Doris Dramov

 Morse, Peter, Pvt.,    Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Evelyn Laughman