Our Patriots A-B

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose descendants are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

Boone, Edward   Juror; Road Viewer, Defender of the Fort    North Carolina and Virginia    SAR Compatriot Teddy Mills

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Adams, John  SAR Compatriot Mark Robertson

Bellows, Thomas  8th Reg. of Connecticut  SAR Compatriots Johnny Alexander, Tyler McClintock

Bracken, Isaac  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Bomberger, John, Pvt.,   Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania Militia, 1778-1785  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

Beers, Joel, Pvt.,   Webb's Reg. & Invalid Corps., 1778-1783  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

Arendall, Nathan  SAR Compatriot Ken Betterton

Brookhart/Burkheart, Philip    SAR Compatriot Kenneth Brookhart

Baker, Benajah, Pvt.,   Rhode Island    DAR Daughter Merilee Mulvey

Byam, Samuel, Pvt.,    DAR Daughter Janice Gadway Gardner

Barnum, Abijah, CS,  Connecticut  SAR Compatriot John Glen

Bendient, Mordecai, Pvt.,  Connecticut  SAR Compatriot John Glen

Blanchard, Daniel, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen

Brown, Knight, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen

Beal, Joseph, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen

Bassett, Jotham, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Evelyn Laughman