Our Patriots

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose descendants are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

  Parkhurst, Moses, Pvt.    6th Massachusetts Regiment of the Massachusetts Line    1779-1783    SAR Compatriot Michael Tieman 

 Terry, Parshall, Pvt.    24th Regiment Connecticut Militia    1776-1778    SAR Compatriot Gary N. Keyser

 Redman, Benjamin Pvt.   4th Co., Middle Battalion, Militia of Maryland.  SAR Compatriots Curtis A. Loop, Derek A. Loop, Levi A. Loop

 Price, William , Jr. 1st Lt.    Command detachment 3rd Artillery Regiment, Cambridge, Mass,    May 3, 1775    SAR Compatriot Donald Price

 Frink, Isaac       SAR Compatriot Thomas Akers

 Chase, Caleb      SAR Compatriots Keith Barnes, Wyatt Barnes

 Marshall, Isaac  SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Edward Boardman

 Redman, Benjamin      SAR Compatriot Thomas Akers

 Newman, Nimrod   SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Ed Boardman

 Crawford, James SAR Compatriot David Crawford

 Majors, George     SAR Compatriot Thomas Freedland

 Shepard, James SAR Compatriots John Glen, Jacob Glen, Mason Glen

 Higley, Joel, 2nd Lt.  Inspector of Provisions, Connecticut  1778- ?    SAR Compatriot William Guiel

 Harding, Stephen SAR Compatriots Kevin Harding, Ian Harding

 Halley, Francis SAR Compatriot Larry Heckethorne

Lindsey, Archibald    SAR Compatriot Fred Heiserman

Thompson, Benajah    SAR Compatriot Robert Henry

Hottenstein, Jacob   SAR Compatriot John Hortenstine

 Grier, Henry, Lt.   Proctors Continental Artillery Reg. , 5th Continental Artillery Reg.  1777-1789    SAR Compatriot Grier Ingebretsen

Keller, Christopher  SAR Compatriots Bruce Keller, Harpel Keller

 Merril, Asher   SAR Compatriot Eugene King

 Wright, Ithamar   SAR Compatriot David Kingsella

 Ebaugh, John  SAR Compatriots Geoffrey Knox, Michael Nakahara,
                                                                               Kenneth Nakahara

 Whealdon, Isaac     SAR Compatriot John Krumbein

 Pickle, Mathias    SAR Compatriot Gene Lambird

 Coleman, Jacob    SAR Compatriot Michael Mason

Grammer, Joseph, Pvt.   French, Legion of Lauzun    1780 - 1782    SAR Compatriot Christopher Matheny

Boone, Edward   Juror; Road Viewer, Defender of the Fort    North Carolina and Virginia    SAR Compatriot Teddy Mills

Owen, Thomas    SAR Compatriots Dennis Moore, Elijah Moore

Parker, Timothy  SAR Compatriot Cleve Parker

Hughes, Jonathan SAR Compatriot Nathan Rupert

Van Tassel, Abraham  SAR Compatriot Donald Sass

Washburn, Joseph SAR Compatriot Donald Sass

Combs Sr., John  SAR Compatriot Wilbur Shakro

Kellog, Elijah SAR Compatriot David Shoemaker

Ragland, Benjamin  SAR Compatriot George Tanner

Ferguson, David  SAR Compatriot Charles Thompson

Leonard, Patrick    SAR Compatriot Jesston Wagner

Redfearn, John     Provided goods or services to the cause    SAR Compatriot Neil Verigan

Ware, Samuel   SAR Compatriot Donald Wear

Jordan, William  SAR Compatriot Solon Webb

Whittier, Daniel  SAR Compatriot Robert Whittier

Walls, George   SAR Compatriot Joseph Williams

Melvin, William SAR Compatriot Christopher Williams

Lyon, John   SAR Compatriots Connor Wilson, Christopher Wilson

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 Marsteller, Philip, Lt. Col.   Paymaster  Pennsylvania State Militia      1776-1782  SAR Compatriot Gregory Keller

 Crapo, Peter, Pvt.    Captain Levi Rounseville's Co.of minutemen which marched April 19 - 21, 1775    SAR Compatriot Jerry Larsen

Melvin, William Pvt.    Worcester County, Maryland    1778    SAR Compatriots Eugene D. Melvin, Michael E. Melvin, Christopher J. Williams

 Landis, Jacob      SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

 Halsey, Sylvanus SAR Compatriot Ernest Cowan

 Foote, Henry SAR Compatriots Tom Boardman, Edward Boardman

Cox, Phineas  SAR Compatriot Fred Isbell

Wright, Stephen, Pvt.   Drummer in Capt. Wright's Co.  battle of White Plains, 28 Oct 17761776 - 1780   SAR Compatriot Steven Waters

White, Thomas   SAR Compatriot Thompson White

Carter, Samuel  SAR Compatriots William Murray, Peter Murray

 Justice, Ralph   Furnished Supplies Accomac Co., Virginia   SAR Compatriots Eugene Melvin, Michael Melvin, Christopher Williams

 Church, Giles  SAR Compatriots Brian Perez, Brett Perez

Harvey, Zephoniah  SAR Compatriot William Phillips

Adams, John  SAR Compatriot Mark Robertson

William Porter, Lt. Col.   Rutherford Militia 1776-1782    SAR Compatriot Eric Paul Salbeda