Our Patriots  S-T

Below is a list of Patriots in the Revolutionary War and whose descendants are members, Compatriots, of the Oregon SAR and DAR. These Patriot names will be carved into the stone walls of the Memorial in Beaverton. Dark blue boxes have linked Patriots bios, click on the name to activate.

 Terry, Parshall, Pvt.    24th Regiment Connecticut Militia    1776-1778    SAR Compatriot Gary N. Keyser

 Shepard, James SAR Compatriots John Glen, Jacob Glen, Mason Glen

Thompson, Benajah    SAR Compatriot Robert Henry

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Tuthill, Samuel Committee to form Union of Colonies, Morris Co. New Jersey    SAR Compatriots Johnny Alexander,
Tyler McClintock

 Skelton, John, Ensign  DAR Daughter Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

 Shelly, Daniel, Pvt.   York Co., Pennsylvania  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

 Salyer, Zacheus, Pvt.   Capt. Hick's Co. 1st New York Reg.  SAR Compatriot Arlen Clark

 Sawyer, Benjamin SAR Compatriot Ivon Young

 Stotts, Solomon SAR Compatriot Fred Butcher

 Stone, John, Pvt. Massachusetts DAR Daughter Janice Gadway Gardner

Tinder, James    SAR Compatriot Stephen Cunliffe

 Staples, Nathaniel, Pvt.  Massachusetts  SAR Compatriot John Glen

 Shepard, Timothy Connecticut  SAR Compatriot John Glen

 Snow, Thomas, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen

 Smith, Joseph,   Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen

 Small, Micah, Pvt.,  Massachusetts  DAR Daughter Sue Glen